Selling Apartment Buildings: What You Need To Know 

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It’s one of the age-old questions in multifamily real estate: “Should I sell my multifamily investment?” We help investors discover their options before deciding, and help them to achieve their goals – whether that is the preservation or creation of wealth.

Equipped with years in the industry, and our unique approach, we make selling apartment buildings easier for our clients. When it comes time to sell, here are some of the things you need, deserve, and should consider before you sell:

You’re Hiring Advisors

When it comes to selling apartment buildings, you need someone who goes way beyond just selling. You need a high-powered team able to give you a comprehensive look into your investments – and what you can do about them.

When you work with a team like the Neema Group, you get high-level advisory services that evaluate your portfolio, your property, and help you make decisions based on what suits you and your future goals.

You Need Evaluation Expertise

Your return is only going to be as strong as the price you set. The experts at the Neema Group know the multifamily market in LA, and we know what buildings are selling for and how they fit into the bigger picture of the market itself.

We can help put an accurate price on your building, and we can even help bring out the best in it. Contact us today to get an evaluation so we can help you to get the best return.

You Deserve Better Marketing

One of the things that we rely on the most are our marketing efforts to help sell your property. When it comes to selling apartment buildings, you need to target exactly the right buyer and play to their interests.

That’s why we leverage our exponential outreach, national networks, buyer profiles, and more to optimize your property and to find the most-qualified buyer for it. 

You Stay in The Loop

Your investments are important, which is why you likely want to play a large role in what happens to them. Depending on how you want to approach your investments, you can be as involved in the process as you like.

We provide weekly communications, are always available to take your questions, and we put together detailed reports so that you’re never in the dark.  

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We know exactly what it takes when it comes to selling apartment buildings, and the multifamily selling process.

When you work with us, we will help put a price on your investment, market it to get the most attention, and can help you make the next step in the process – whether that’s a 1031 exchange or simply optimizing your portfolio.  

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