The Deal with Danny Brown | #51 Neema Ahadian: Multifamily Investors and the Cap Rate Dilemma

| Multifamily Legislation


Neema Ahadian is the founder of the Neema group one of the most prolific multi family investment advisory groups in Southern California. With over a decade and a half of experience Neema sits in the eye of the storm of the tenant – landlord conflicts in the current landscape of eviction moratoriums, new zoning laws and a housing crisis in Los Angeles. In this in depth interview Neema breaks down the market nuances for investors who focus on apartment buildings and walks us through the constant pull between chasing yield and appreciation and the land mines for investors in the age of tenant rights and rent control restrictions.

Why are savvy investors buying prime Los Angeles real estate at 2-3% cap rates and why so many family offices and institutional investors have parked a large portion of their portfolios in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Florida. School is in session.

Neema Alhadian

Danny Brown

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